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Episode #30- Dr. Lara Pence- Performance Psychologist

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Pence has spent the last fifteen years working with individuals as they peel back the layers of their outer shell, cast aside the unhealthy patterns, and begin to build a new, more resilient and adventurous sense of self. A native of the East Coast, she completed her post-doctoral fellow in Dallas, TX, and then transitioned into private practice where she saw individuals, couples, and families alike for therapeutic services. She quickly became one of the most sought-after therapists in Dallas and supervised various other professionals in the community. In 2018, Dr. Pence moved to Colorado, and came on board as the Chief Mind Doc for SPARTAN, the world’s leading endurance company, where she hosted the Spartan Mind podcast and consulted with the organization on various mindset focused initiatives. She also works as a coach for The Unbeatable Mind, alongside Mark Divine, founder of SEAL FIT. She has been featured in various publications and media outlets such as Good Morning America, the BBC, Glamour, Vogue, WebMD, Psychology Today, and The Huffington Post. Dr. Pence is also the founder of LIGHFBOX, a modern tool to help increase self-awareness and initiate monumental change.

We discussed: 

Mental health during the pandemic Building resiliency Looking to the future Toughness in our culture

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