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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Resetting, getting back to zero, assessing.

This pandemic hasn’t been good or fun for anyone, from businesses large to small, from executives to waitstaff and everyone in between. My business has ground to a halt, like many others, which isn’t fun. One opportunity that I failed to mention yesterday was the opportunity to reset, or reset the best you can. Being idle for most of us is very difficult; kids constantly say they don’t want to go school, until it is no longer. Professionals are anxious and stressed about work, but when there is no work, the anxiety and stress are even higher. We never know what we have until it is gone, and it feels like everything is disappearing and slipping through our fingers.

This is certainly a unique time, but it is a great time reset, reassess, and figure out how to move forward. A few things I am focused on.

  1. Eating better- Living in a household where both my wife and I are going full speed professionally and kids that need to constantly be somewhere, we resort to take out and quick meals more than we would like. With everything being shut down, but with access to grocery stores, it has allowed us to be much more mindful of what we are cooking and eating.

  2. Sleep- with the kids not needing to get school, commutes are not happening, and TV/internet on constant repeat, it is a great time to get some good, quality shut eye. Sleep and sleep hygiene is one of the most critical keys to success and a clear mind

  3. Sweat More- Most People think that you can only sweat in a gym or that they need others to motivate them, neither of these are true. If we are not commuting, driving kids around, or watching Netflix, lack of time is no longer an excuse. Find a workout at

  4. Learn something new- there has never been a better time to learn something you have been putting off- cooking, podcasting, French, ballet, a musical instrument, fencing, you name it. We all have secret desires of things we want to learn, for minimal cash check out

  5. Floss- We don’t like to do it, but we need to 😊

Perhaps these aren’t resets and maybe they are, maybe I should have named this post, shift, learn or be, but the most important things to do is to assess, and in order to do a reset you need assess first and then take action.

Stay safe, eat better, sleep more, sweat and learn!



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