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Stand Out

There is no better time to stand out.

With most of us working from home, we feel isolated. ( I work from home full time and still feel isolated during this time). There is no energy or mojo happening; leaders, managers, and coworkers are in survival mode, this makes it very difficult to keep the momentum going. But we have an opportunity to differentiate like never before. We can connect, create, and think outside the box. This isn’t a squeaky wheel gets the grease, it is how you can separate yourself from the pack. Six things you can do to stand out in these tough times.

  • Reach out to someone that is struggling and boost their day, Be Kind.

  • Post or write an article about grit, resilience or coping during these times

  • Be Bold- (perhaps 1% bolder)

  • Reach out to a prospect you didn’t think would chat

  • Take action on an idea that you always had.

  • Build a mastermind group.

Sheltering at home doesn’t need to include sheltering your mind, your reach, or potential business down the road. Remember that some of the most iconic businesses started during the last recession. Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Square, Venmo and more.

Go, Be, Do!


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