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The 5 Real Reasons You Didn't Get Hired

The top 5 reasons you didn’t get the job (They aren't what you think, then again maybe they are)

I have been in the executive recruiting for just about 23 years, (I can’t believe it) and have been through 2 major down turns, 01 and 08, but the real reasons that people don’t get the role that they interview for hasn’t changed.

Here is a list of most common complaints I hear in the marketplace from hiring teams.

  1. You Stink- Physically you smell- too much perfume, cologne, body odor, bad breath, smoke, and a host of other things. From a sensory point of view- smell is the number one thing people remember most

  2. You Talk Too Much- Many people get nervous when they interview and end up getting diarrhea of the mouth. Usually when this happens, you need to plug it up, but most often they insert their foot as a stop gap- game over!! We have one mouth and two ears for a reason.

  3. You are an A** Hole- Arrogance is a key reason why people don’t get hired. If you are condescending, sarcastic and drop F bombs you are not getting the job, period

  4. You are Late- If you are late for an interview without any good reason and don’t call the person you are supposed to be meeting with to let them know, it shows you don’t have any respect for people’s time and will be late for everything else

  5. You are Clueless- If you don’t do research, understand the product and don’t know how you can offer a solution, then why did you go on the interview anyway? Don’t waste the hiring mangers time and more importantly don’t waste yours.

Getting your dream job (even if it isn’t) is difficult, so why screw it up by not having common sense and courtesy. A first round interview is a like a first date, treat it as such.

Ken Lubin

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