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Webcast-"Cannabis Investing -The New Emerging Market"

Some of the cannabis industry’s earliest investors and entrepreneurs. Scott Gordon and Rob Josephson.

Scott is the founder, CEO and CIO of Silver Spike Capital. He was the co-founder of the parent company of Papa & Barkley. in 2016, an industry-leading California cannabis wellness brand with assets in manufacturing, processing, and logistics.

Rob is a partner of Silver Spike Capital and is based in Toronto. He was the co-founder of WeedMD in Canada and has served as an investor and advisor to various companies in the cannabis industry since 2013.

Discussion Points:

  • Clarity around the cannabis industry terminology describing the difference between CBD and THC?

  • How do you define the overall Cannabis investment /universe and the primary industries that you see participating in the cannabis industries growth)?

  • Why do you refer to Cannabis Investing as the new Emerging Market?

  • How do you effectively navigate and identify investment themes and opportunities in these markets?

  • What is the current state of the Canadian Cannabis investment landscape and what lessons can we learn as the US and global markets develop?

  • Where do the most compelling investment opportunities exist?

  • How has the current COVID-19 environment impacted current Cannabis investment opportunities and valuations?

  • What is the current state of regulation in the US marketplace, how does it affect the type of investment opportunities (and constraints) today and in the future as the regulations evolve?

  • Where is the Cannabis investment "puck" going? Where do you see the Goldmines or the most attractive investment opportunities today Versus what are areas that you see as Landmines – the potential investments to avoid?

  • The commercialization of the Cannabis industry, and its many exciting investment opportunities, seems to be paving the way for new investment opportunities.

  • Tell us about another Psychedelics. Johns Hopkins We understand that you have formed a new Psychedelics Investment Fund.

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