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The Ultimate Hire

In the competitive world of business, securing the Ultimate Hire—the quintessential top-performing professional—is paramount to your organization's success. These exceptional individuals are not just leaders; they are catalysts who propel your team forward and significantly enhance your bottom line. At our executive recruiting firm, we specialize in identifying, attracting, hiring, and retaining such elite talent, ensuring that your company stands out in its industry. Our expertise in connecting you with these indispensable professionals makes us your go-to partner in building a formidable leadership team. Optimize your hiring strategy with us and gain the competitive edge that comes from having the Ultimate Hire on your side.

Who am I?
Ken Lubin, Founder | Phone: 508-733-4789

As a highly accomplished Managing Director at ZRG Partners since 2002, I specialize in navigating the complex landscapes of Financial Services, Specialty Lending, Fintech, and the Technology sector. Renowned for my expertise in executive recruitment, I bring a unique blend of strategic insight and practical knowledge to the table, positioning top-tier professionals in pivotal roles across C-level, SVP, VP, Business Development, and Operations.

🌍 Global Perspective:
My international acumen extends to key markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, differentiating me as a leader in global executive search. Starting my career in 1999 with Kforce, I have honed a deep understanding of the engineering and technology recruitment landscapes.

🎯 Recruitment Philosophy:
Influenced by my athletic background, I approach recruitment with the precision and focus akin to competitive sports. This mindset ensures a meticulous process that aligns the best candidates with the right opportunities.

📈 Areas of Expertise:

Executive Recruitment: Specializing in C-Level, Business Development, Finance, and Operations
Market Focus: Technology, Blockchain, Fintech, and Specialty Lending
Professional Development: Personal Branding, Networking, Sales Management
🎙️ Engagement & Thought Leadership:
I am actively engaged in the digital space, hosting the "The Ultimate Hire" and "Executive Athletes" podcasts. These platforms reflect my commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction in executive recruitment.

🏆 Athletic & Professional Milestones:

Olympic Cycling Trials participant
Category 1 Mountain Biker
NCAA Division 1 Athlete in Alpine and Nordic Skiing
Mentor at the US Olympic Committee's Athlete Career and Education Program
🎓 Education:
BS in Sport Science from Colby-Sawyer College.

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