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3 Reasons Why You Didn't get Feedback From Your Interview

I get the question all the time, "Why didn't I get feedback from my interview? Isn't it common courtesy." Believe me as a recruiter, I rarely get feedback from the hiring manager, most companies and hiring managers want to talk about the person they are going to hire, not those they are not.

Having sent thousands and thousands of people on interviews this is a common question “Can you please provide me with any feedback from the interview and tell me what I did right or wrong?” I also see posts, threads, and the such bashing recruiters, companies and hiring managers saying, “I never got feedback, isn’t it common courtesy to tell me what I did wrong? They didn’t reach out or respond after I went on an interview” Hopefully I can shed some light on this.

There are 3 main reasons why you don’t get feedback.

  1. Chances are you know why you didn’t get the job, so why do you need someone to tell you. It is like an athletic performance. When you got 2nd place most know why. Just remember 2nd place is the first loser, it sounds bad, but there are no statues (or Job Offers) for those who got second. Also if you gave it your all, be proud that at you laid it all on the line and if you didn’t get the job, take it as a learning experience, you didn’t fail, you just learned.

  2. You don’t get a response because we live in such a litigious world that if the (company, hiring manger, recruiter) says something you don’t want to hear it can open a whole can of worms and it just isn’t worth it. Read yesterday's post The Five Real Reasons You Didn't Get Hired

  3. You didn’t ask- we live in world where unemployment is so low and companies are focused on hiring the right person for the job and if you weren’t the right fit, you are an after thought. The only way to possibly get feedback if to ask for it and then you may or may not get it. Unfortunately companies are looking out for themselves and their stakeholders, not to make you feel good.

We are all busy, have limited time, and are expected to deliver results. You get hired for one of 3 reasons, you save the company money, you make the company money, or you can solve a problem, which circles back one of the previous two reasons. If you don't do any of these the feedback is simple, you didn’t fill the void.


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