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It is all we have! It is our most valued resource and is also the most wasted!

Have you ever seen the person who is waiting to die?  You may not realize it, they are surrounding us all over the place. They are waiting for the world to come to them, they are at the bar complaining how hard they have it, they are complaining about how their sports team lost, they are waiting to win the lottery, they believe that the raise should be given to them, they feel entitled, but aren’t willing to work for it and are just wasting time waiting; waiting to die, vs. taking responsibility for living.

The successful person is grabbing the bull by the horns, they hold themselves accountable, utilize every minute possible to become faster, better and smarter.  They use “NET” time; No extra time, to learn, to stretch, and grow.  They listen to books when they drive, they have their running shoes in the car ready to go, they take action. They know that their only real commodity is time and that any minute that is squandered is being used by others to become faster, better, and smarter than them. 

What can you do this minute to live the life you want to live?  It can all change in a heartbeat, just have the courage to make it happen!


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