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Being Authentic- The Only Way To Succeed In an Interview

When going on an interview most people try to be the person they think the company wants to hire; same with taking a personality assessment or going on a first date. As humans we inherently think we know what the other person wants us to say, be, or do; this is a bad strategy. In my time in the recruiting business I can’t tell you how many times a candidate tried to act their way into a job, it never works out. It is like the man behind the curtain, once they are found out, the game is up and things don’t end well.

True professionals go into an interview being themselves, having “authentic confidence” and realize that the only way that they are going to be successful in a culture is to be accepted as who they are. They take the guess work out of the meeting and show their true selves and if the company doesn’t hire them for being their true selves, then they know it was never going to be a fit. When going on an interview, don’t act and don’t be afraid to be you, because you are the only thing you have.


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