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Build Your List

We all have a list of people, ex clients and potential clients that we know we should reach out. It is the list in the back of our heads, in our inboxes or on our desk of people we know we should connect or reconnect with, but never do. We always say that we will when we have time.

Now is the time.

We have more time than we ever had. We have time to reach out, to build our brand/business, to connect with those we haven’t yet connected with or reconnect with those we may have neglected to in the past. Here are 3 simple ways to build your list

  1. Download your LinkedIn connections list and take the time to determine who you should connect with or delete. Here are the Directions

  2. Export the contacts in your inbox to an Excel spreadsheet and sort by priority of who you should reach out to.Determine who the influencers are in your space that could be potential clients and connect.

    1. One thing I do is look at the speakers at top industry events and reach out to them directly. You can do it via LinkedIn. Or with a little ingenuity and out of the box thinking you can send them emails directly. One way to test if you have the right email is to use

Now is the time to take the internal list of who we should be reaching out to that is floating in our brain and put it on paper (virtual paper) and make the effort to connect. Many of your contacts are likely just as perplexed on what to do during these times as you. Perhaps when you team up, great things can happen.

Good luck, stay safe!


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