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Building Your Personal Brand

It is more important than ever to build your personal brand. With the new normal that we are facing, there is going to be less time to be in front of others than ever before. As business people, sales people, trades people, etc… We need something that will stick, that will keep us in front of others, that will keep you at the forefront of peoples minds. Like in the phone book (for those of you who know what a phone book is) The companies that start with AAA are the first ones listed. You need to be the first one listed in peoples minds.

A few things you can do to differentiate yourself.

  1. Buy your name as a domain and build a site. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it will be a repository of your resume, article, press, passion projects, etc. You can easily do it, or

  2. Build out your Linked In profile. This is imperative. It is getting to the point, that if you aren’t on Linked In, organizations are asking why. Similar to your website, it is a professional space for you to list your accomplishments. You can also easily share relevant articles, career changes, and media that you have been part of.

  3. Start a podcast- it has never been easier. Go to it is one stop shopping. It gives you the opportunity to record, edit and distribute all from one place. We all have something that we are passionate about, talk about it. Listen to your own voice and practice. Is a great way to learn how you really sound.

Take the opportunity to do the simple things when you have some downtime. It also gets the creative mind flowing and firing. It is easier than ever to get stuck in a funk, but build some new skills, announce to the world your expertise and don’t sit still.

Take care and stay safe


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