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Do The Hard Things!

It’s impossible to be successful by lying in bed. The best of the best are up early, like they say the early bird gets the worm, it can’t be more true.  Taking action early while the brain is fresh, the coffee is hot and house is quiet is the best time in the world to get anything done. There are no distractions and I am already ahead of the curve.

Also it is hard.  Doing the hard things is what makes the journey of life awesome. No one ever felt proud by doing the easy things.  Doing the hard things is what makes you overcome adversity, makes you feel like you have accomplished great things and doing the hard things is what makes life epic. All the greats of life do the hard things, they make the hard decisions, they use discipline for success.  It has been said that discipline creates freedom, that statement couldn’t be more true.  If you are disciplined in all areas of your life and you live to the standards that you set up for yourself you will be victorious but if you don’t ever set your mind up for victory, you will never win. 

Doing the hard things, like getting up at 5am, being authentic, telling someone you love them, stretching, working out, or picking up the phone to make that hard call are difficult at first, but with time they all become easy, they become easier than ever.  Doing the hard things is what makes the journey so much better.  Doing the hard race, or making the hard call, or standing out, or being willing to go first, or sitting at the front of the room or asking the first question or putting yourself out there is how to get things done.  No one ever became successful by just doing the easy things.  Sweeping the floor is easy, making 7 figures every year is hard.  Embrace the hard! 

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