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Don't Be an A**hole

During the initial phases of my business career it seemed as though the most successful were the biggest jerks.  (we all the know the types) That in order to rise to the top you need to be an arrogant know it all that had all the answers.  It was very intimidating, demeaning, but somewhat interesting.  What I learned is that many of them had the least self-esteem, no real friends and were ultimately suffering the worst.  They didn’t feel the need to apply the principles of

  1. Common courtesy

  2. Having respect for others

  3. Just being nice

What good is making tons or money, rising to the top or winning the most races if you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with? Most of them end up divorced, having substance abuse problems and alone.

Wouldn’t it be much more fun and easier to treat your coworkers and customers with respect?  Be able to provide common courtesy?  Teach others how win and not keep everything for yourself?  This is how winning teams and cultures are made- create a no A**Hole culture and believe me you and your business will thrive! – Ken

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