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Episode #10- David Rhoads- CEO Blue Street Capital- The 5 Hour Work Day

David Rhoads is the CEO and founder of Blue Street Capital and brings 18 years of financing and IT experience. Prior to founding Blue Street Capital in 2004, David was Vice President of Sales at a prominent national financing company. In his 8 year tenure, he became a recognized expert in technology, setting up financing programs for solutions providers and OEMs who specialize in the sale of technology and technology related products.

Dave’s leadership philosophy focuses on understanding his customers’ business models to provide financing solutions that help them simplify and improve their business models. This is ultimately what drove Dave to start Blue Street Capital.

A passage in the book Shorter- About the 5 Hour Work Day.

David is the CEO of Blue Street Capital, a California-based company that arranges financing for enterprise IT systems. He’s also an avid surfer. So when he saw an article about how Tower Paddle Boards – an online, direct-to-consumer company that sells stand-up paddleboards – had moved to a five-hour workday, he was intrigued.

In this episode we talk about the following: 

1.  Leadership during the pandemic

2. Planning, or changing your plans

3. Where do you see this thing going?

4. What are you doing differently

You can find out more about David at

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