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Episode #20 Benny Nachman-Founder Jassby-Fintech

Benny is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in building a global bank with over 30 licenses all over the world. Managing hundreds of employees, thousands of merchants with over $6bn in volume and $120m in revenues. He has founded companies such as Credorax and Jassby.

He is currently the Founder and CEO of Jassby, Jassby is an app by families, for families, originally designed to help reduce the common household arguments around budgets, chores, and money. From there, we've evolved into a world-class shopping experience, and a form of banking for the next generation. It help’s help connect grandparents, parents, and children so that the grandparents and parents can allot funds for a child to save money in a college trust or savings account, do good by giving to charitable organizations, or spend with various retailers and sellers, all in a marketplace controlled and operated by Jassby.

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