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Episode #25- Inside the Retail Market with Nicole Phillips and Fred Lamster

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We are taking a unique approach where we will have two guests on that are industry experts in the Retail, Consumer and Ecommerce markets. The first guest is Fred Lamster.

Fred joined ZRG Partners in 2019 and is a veteran Human Resources and Staffing professional whose career spans more than 25 years. He has worked across all retail apparel and fashion segments, including department and specialty retail, ecommerce, and catalogue retailing. Fred has used his expertise in organizational design and efficiency to help a number of major retailers through turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and major business transitions.

Our second guest is Nicole Philips.

Nicole specializes in serving companies in the Retail, Consumer, Fashion, and Beauty industries. Her experience spans across a broad range of disciplines including CEOs, General Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Stores, Creative, and Merchandising. She also brings a depth of experience and reach in the digital world in both pure-play and e-commerce extensions of brick-and-mortar companies. Her clients include leading specialty, mass, direct-to-consumer/e-commerce retailers, and wholesale companies.

What we Covered

- The current state of the retail market?

- Overview of the current retail market

- What changes do are there in the retail market – category growth? Category shrinkage? 

- Changes in the actual physical retail space?

- Who may be the winners and who the losers?

- Who do you see as successfully pivoting at this moment in time and what trends are emerging?

- What changes do you see in the actual in-store experience?

- With the loss of in-store business, how will wholesale businesses be impacted?

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