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Episode #31 Brett Feddersen-CEO of AcceleratUM

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Brett Feddersen An accomplished and results-driven senior leader with a stellar record of success developing and operationalizing strategies, policies, and programs that engage and unite diverse missions and organizations. Brett was recently named the CEO of Acceleratum. Prior to his current role, Brett was the Acting Director of National Security programs at the FAA, a Sr. Executive for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director for the National Security council and held multiple other roles within law enforcement, intelligence and defense sector of the US government.

Craig Sabina joined ZRG Partners in 2019, opening a new office in Sun Valley, Idaho. In addition to being an experienced executive search practitioner, he is an IFR rated pilot as well as a long-time entrepreneur. He started and served as CEO of Summit Projects, a digital marketing and product design firm for 19 years, hiring literally hundreds of employees and contractors, ranging from COO-level team members to highly specialized contractors. He understands intimately the craft of building and running a business, having generated more than $65M in sales over nearly two decades running Summit

Samantha Foster is located in ZRG Partners’ Connecticut office where she leads the US Aerospace and Defense practice. With over twenty years in Aerospace and Defense, she undertakes senior assignments covering a wide variety of functional roles, including C-Suite, Legal, Operations, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, General Management, Supply Chain and Human Resources

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