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Episode #4- Michael O'Brien- Author of The Shift

Updated: May 1, 2020

Michael O’brien was a long time sales and marketing executive I the life sciences business. Where he held Sr. level Position and was a catalyst for growth and change while leading one of the fastest growing divisions of the company. not unlike Many of us he burdened by much of the same stress that you and your team feel every day. There were many days when he  just wanted to survive. But while trying to release some of that stress at National Sales Meeting in AZ, he went for a bike ride and on On July 11 2001 his life changed. He was struck head on in a serious cycling accident which changed his life forever. Where he held several life threatening and structural injuries, he had time to reflect. He calls that day he Last Bad Day

Before his Last Bad Day and the release of book Shift. He was a young sales and marketing leader who was chasing happiness. Like many leaders you see in your office, playing in the park with their kids, working out at the gym, or behind you in-line at the store.

He was living a lifestyle of Do, Have, and Be. Hewas working super hard (DO) to have that title, new car, bigger salary, or whatever (HAVE), so I could eventually be happy (BE). At least that’s what I thought. Does it sound familiar?

The sad thing is that he didn’t know what he was chasing back then. He already had many wonderful reasons to be happy. He was a proud, new dad of two wonderful daughters, A loving wife who was and still is his best friend, I was healthy, and I had a career filled with promise. But I rationalized my chase and, in hindsight, made up ego-based reasons why I had to keep living that way.

Many times, I caught happiness, but like a dog chasing its tail, I didn’t know what to do when I caught it. I was happy for a moment. It validated my pursuit, but then it floated away. So, I got back to stressfully chasing. I was exhausted but couldn’t tell anyone because I was the leader at work and the provider to my family.

I knew there was a better way, but I couldn't see it

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