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Episode #40-David Laubner- CMO-Tech/Fintech Marketing Guru

David Laubner is a rare marketing leader who can effectively speak to product, brand and sales – because he gets it. David possesses a rare combination of extreme technical knowledge and creative, visionary thinking - a duality that leads to a true understanding of how marketing and technologies can best integrate.

Former Amazon marketing executive with proven experience driving rapid growth for B2C & B2B companies from early-stage startups to global enterprise.

Led a B2C startups sales and marketing program from launch to acquisition by Amazon in less than 2 years and then took the business towards $300M with budgets exceeding $20M Head of marketing for a B2B SaaS cloud communications leader Fuze as it more than tripled in size, and secured over $50M in funding Exceptionally creative brand and digital marketing expert with over 20 years of leadership experience driving rapid growth for technology and ecommerce companies

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