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Episode #8- Kevin Rutherford-CEO of Nuun-Culture Driven

This week’s guest is the CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) Kevin Rutherford of a product that I love, Nuun Nutrition.

What impresses me about Kevin is that he has been instrumental in growing the company to over a $30mm+ player in a hyper competitive space, has been voted one of Outside Magazines top places to work, and has created an amazing culture while making a huge social impact.

In doing some research, I love what you said on Mark Patisons podcast.

The truth is, we need to find the issues and fix them, and so I think sometimes when people see a title like ‘Chief Eternal Optimist,’ self-proclaimed by the way, I don’t know if my team agrees with me, hopefully they do, it doesn’t mean that everything is rosy, right? I think that is the myth. An optimist believes that we can solve it and we can continue to move forward. But, it doesn’t mean that everything is always great. In fact, far from it on many occasions. But, it takes the optimist to see the solutions. Otherwise, you’re only going to see the problems and you’re only going to stay stuck there.”

In this episode of the podcast we focus on

  • The importance of culture

  • The importance of nutrition for optimal workplace performance

  • Leadership in a time of crisis

I hope you enjoy

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