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Homeschooling (yourself)

Many of us are at home with the kids, but many are not.

Regardless this a learning experience like no other. Whether or not you have kids at home, there is still an amazing opportunity to learn. A few things that I am learning about these times include:

  1. That my 11 and 15 year old can use video conferencing to log into their classrooms. Many will say that they are on devices too much, but I think this is likely one of the best learning experiences they could have. Education meeting real world experience

  2. I learned more about web design and email marketing in the past 2 weeks than I ever have.

  3. Using a creative mind: Both my kids, my spouse, and my mom are thinking outside the box like never before. Utilizing technology with a creative mind keeps the brain firing on all cylinders

  4. But also, books. When the brain has been stimulated too much, it is nice to pick up a physical book. You can get lost in the words and imagery that only a book can do.

Homeschooling is not just about formal education, but it is about learning and relearning. Training the mind, body and soul to be more patient, accepting, and creative. Regardless, at this point, we are all being homeschooled. How we embrace it is a another thing.

Hang in there and stay safe


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