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HR and the Covid Crisis Part 2

Fred Lamster Fred joined ZRG Partners in 2019 and is a veteran Human Resources and Staffing professional whose career spans more than 25 years. He has worked across all retail apparel and fashion segments, including department and specialty retail, ecommerce, and catalogue retailing. Fred has used his expertise in organizational design and efficiency to help a number of major retailers through turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and major business transitions. Throughout his career, he has transformed HR teams from tactical and transactional departments to strategic and results-oriented teams.

Guests Include:

Questions/Topics to Be Covered:

What new organizational or people challenges and/or surprises have come up since our last webinar?

What new or additional HR challenges have come up?

What have you done to maintain or purposefully change the company culture with the changes in work styles, relationships, overall business challenges? -

How are you planning to adapt your performance management process to accommodate working from home? -

Has the crisis had any impact on turnover? Retention? -

Any last thoughts, questions of each other, points you want to make, surprises you want to share?

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