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Is There a Correlation Between Leadership in Sports and Business?

Yes, but it may not just be in sport. It could be in art, music, computer programming gardening or any other passion project.

One of the keys to success in leadership is to be able to be a leader outside of what you just do on a professional level. Is it raising money? Are you a philanthropist? Are you doing not-for-profit work? The passion that you have outside of work can always come back to the passions that you do inside of your work. You can take many of those character traits - which are mutually beneficial, both in the professional world and in the sport, or like what I was saying, in art, music, or anything that changes your focus; allows you to be passionate. That allows you to be someone who you really are.

Those similarities are there. Sometimes sport is an individual sport, or sometimes it's a team sport. Having the ability to throw it out there - to put it all on the line - is key for success both in business, sport, and whatever you're passionate about. So if you can teach someone to get out of their comfort zone, you'll forever change their lives.

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