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It's Called Recruiting, Not Choosing...

Have you ever gone fishing? Stood there for hours and hours wondering why the fish aren’t coming to you? And thought, this is dumb, I am either walking away with no fish, or I am going to change my tactics so that I can get a fish.

That why It is called fishing, not catching.

Many hiring managers, HR Professionals, and leaders say they can’t hire anyone good. They complain that they can’t find, attract and hire top talent, what have they truly done to get the best of the best on board, to differentiate themselves. Using recruiters, job boards, and paying referral fees are great ways to get candidates to interview and in the door, but what happens next is usually what kills the deal/hire.

Once candidates are in the door, hiring organizations forget that they need keep their sales/recruiting hat on. (this is critical) They forget that they need to be showing them how great their company is and how they can make a difference in the world. (rather than finding fault in the candidate) “A” level candidates know they can do the job, can go anywhere they want, and it is your job to recruit them, not select them out. Chances are candidates aren’t lining up outside the door begging to come to work for you. Chances are they aren’t they aren’t going to take a pay cut, and chances are you aren’t that cool. You have to differentiate yourself, sell the story, get potential candidates excited and close the deal- quickly.

Because there is bigger and better bait on someone else's fishing pole!


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Scott Woodard
Scott Woodard
10 may 2022

This is a great post, Ken. Hopefully, companies/organizations will pay attention to it.

As someone who works on the supply side of the hiring equation, I know my clients are extremely frustrated by most current hiring practices. The length of time for an organization to make a decision, the lack of communication with candidates about the process and progress (or lack thereof), and the total ghosting around final decisions is appalling and incredibly unprofessional. Is my cynicism showing?

Again, I hope your post is read and heeded by HR departments and hiring managers. However, I don't hold much confidence that it will be.



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