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Key Strategies to Win the Interview

Now that we are embarking on Q2 and heading into Prime Hiring Season, differentiating yourself is more important than ever. I wanted to share some tried and true interview strategies that have worked well for all levels in my 19 years of executive search for you to land your next big opportunity:

  • Interviewing is probably one of the most nerve wracking activities that a candidate and hiring manager can do. Most people are not professional interviewers and/or professional interviewees.

  • Outlined is a path to success so that you can and will succeed in the interview process. These strategies have been successful in placing candidates through 2 major economic downturns: .com of early 2000’s and the Financials Services collapse of recent times.- and who knows what’s next

  • Additionally these strategies work in multiple cultures across the globe, but one thing still rises to the top of interview success. “People hire people they like and that are most like them” and secondly “the most qualified person is not the person who will get the job, but the one who interviews the best will”

You can download the full guide, “Win the Interview”

I hope that this helps you take the critical first step in getting your dream position! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at Cheers Ken 

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