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Micro Goals

We are all on an extremely unique journey right now. (still covid, recession, war, mental health)

A journey that has no map, compass or end. A journey that is giving us unforeseen obstacles, fears, and uneasiness, one that is unforgiving.

For many of us it is costing us our physical and mental health, our income, and our purpose. It is a journey that many of us are lost on.

The human body has an internal compass, that when lost will spin you around in a circle, unless you get some sort of bearing. I think that the only bearing many have is hope. The hope of when will this be over, when and if things will come back to normal, and what will things be like after this perceived recession.

When I am adventure racing,( if you don’t know what that is, check out the video of our last race here: Untamed New England.) As a team we were likely lost more than we are found, but one thing we learned as a team is to keep a bearing on a distant marker, that marker is hope, that marker is the next checkpoint, which then gets you to the next checkpoint; They become micro goals.

What I have learned among this journey in business and life these last few weeks is the importance of micro goals. Micro goals get you through the hour, the day or the week. You need to celebrate these micro goals when you achieve them, they keep you going. The big picture is a bit blurry, but the next marker is just ahead. Find the next marker and it will lead you down the right path.

Keep your head up, stay strong and keep moving forward.


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