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Speeding Up the Hiring Process to Engage Candidates

The war for talent is fierce. With unemployment rates at historic lows, top candidates have their pick of opportunities. If your hiring process takes too long, you risk losing out on great talent that accepts offers elsewhere before you make a decision. A lengthy hiring process can also negatively impact your employer brand if candidates walk away frustrated.

To attract and hire the best people, you need an efficient hiring process. Here are some tips to speed things up:

Streamline Screening

Carefully review your current screening processes and identify any redundancies or inefficiencies. For example, do phone screens actually add value or just take up time? Consider removing any screens that don't provide useful data. Also look at who is involved in screening. Can a recruiter handle the majority of early conversations to save hiring managers' time?

Move Interviews Quickly

Set expectations with hiring managers that first-round interviews need to happen within a week of an initial phone screen. This shows responsiveness to candidates and keeps momentum going. Avoid dragging things out by scheduling multiple rounds of interviews over several weeks. If possible, condense the process into fewer meetings.

Reduce Time Between Interviews

Candidates lose interest when a lot of time passes between interview rounds. Try to schedule second or third interviews within 2-3 days of the previous one while the conversation is still fresh. This requires coordination internally, but prevents good candidates from dropping out due to delays.

Make Decisions Fast

Don't keep candidates waiting more than a few days post interviews before making a hiring decision. If the team can't decide quickly, there are likely outstanding concerns that need discussion. Move candidates forward based on consensus, not complete certainty from every interviewer.

Communicate Regularly

The waiting and silence after an interview is often the most frustrating part for candidates. Make sure to keep them updated on timelines, next steps, and decisions to provide a positive experience.

Today's job seekers have options and won't wait around through a lengthy, drawn-out hiring process. By streamlining and speeding up your practices, you can engage top talent and get them onboard before the competition does. What steps can you take today to accelerate your process? The right candidates are worth moving quickly for.


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