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Face The Flinch

There is no better introduction to a book than this!  If you want to know what it takes to be a champion, you need to read this book by Julien Smith.

Download it: INTRODUCTION There’s this place near my house—a boxing gym called Hard Knox. Any day you want, you can go there, sit down, and watch people fight. The sign above the door says “VIP ENTRANCE,” because anyone who enters can be a champion. But to become one, you have to learn how to get hit.

In a fight, there is a fundamental difference between boxers and everyone else. The guys who have trained are different. If you hit them, they don’t flinch. It takes practice to get there, but if you want to fight, you have no choice. It’s the only way to win.

This is a book about being a champion, and what it takes to get there. It’s about decisions, and how to know when you’re making the right ones. It’s also about you: the current, present you; the potential, future you; and the one, single difference between them.It’s about an instinct—the flinch—and why mastering it is vital. This book is about how to stop flinching. It’s about facing reality.- Ken

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