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The Diesel Engine

Where did the idea come from that we can get everything we want now???

Yes, we can order pizza from an app, get money from a machine, or ask Siri any question we want and get an answer, but did all of that technology just magically show up??

The things that make our life faster, quicker and better, took years and years to develop, but somehow we think they just showed up and worked.  Which has now created a mindset of instant gratification. Everyone wants to lose weight now, make money now, be faster now, but are not willing to work for it.   Those that work the hardest, have patience, fail and try again become the best athletes, Dr’s, Nurses, Teachers, business people etc…   Instant gratification doesn’t exist, if you think it does, try to win the lottery! 

If you are patient, willing to put in the work, and grind away, you will eventually beat those that are the one hit wonders.  Just remember that the diesel engine that takes longer to warm up, but pulls harder, has more strength and  will eventually last longer and beat the gas engine will burn hotter initially, but wear out.  Be the diesel engine! Be patient, and use your power of patience and hard work to get to your goals!- Ken  

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