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The Two Reasons Why You Get Hired

We live in a world that is focused on results. No matter what you do or where your go, your results dictate whether or not you get hired or fired, make the team or not, or separate yourself from the crowd. Your results follow you everywhere and are what we are gauged on. (grades, sales numbers, cost savings, etc…) We can be the best, nicest, and hardest working person in the world, but if your results don’t show progress or growth you will not be hired or you will be the first to be fired.

The truth about getting hired in today’s world comes down to two things: Are you making the company money or are you saving the company money? If you are not doing either of these things, you are expendable. You will be the first to let go at a downturn and will be the last to get hired. Make sure you have quantifiable results that show that you excel in your profession, because this is the only true way to job security.


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