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What Are Your Limitations?

Guess what, You don’t have any!!

Many people use the excuse of time, money, or ability to not do something they are passionate about; more often they scared!! As a society we have been guilty of running our lives based on what others think. We are constantly looking for validation from others rather than validation from ourselves. The limitations we have are self-imposed based on what others think and that is not an effective way to be successful. The fact is that most people are afraid to be successful because they may piss off those who are not.

We all have family, friends, colleagues or bosses that that say they want you to be successful, but in reality they don’t. In fact they are scared of your success, it shows how inadequate they really are!!

Your limitations shouldn't be defined by their limitations! Go out, live your own life and Kick Some ASS!!

Live Boldly Ken

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Aug 17, 2019

Couldn't agree more! If I gave a shit about what others thought throughout my life, both personally and professionally, I would have never felt the fulfillment and satisfaction that I feel today reflecting back.

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