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Why You Won't Get Your Dream Job

Updated: Jun 27, 2018


(unless you are willing to embrace it)

That is the number one reason.

When most of us are kids we say we are going to be a Ski Guide, Coach, Teacher, Dr., Lawyer or CEO, but what percentage of the population actually becomes who they dreamt about? Very minimal. We become content, make just enough, and watch too much TV, rather than working to achieve our dreams. Have you ever noticed those that land the dream jobs, spent countless hours going after them; often time works for free or minimum wage, they had the belief that they will reach their goal, they were willing to sacrifice, eat PB&J and put their head down. (most of us won’t do that) They didn’t let others influence them or take the easy way out, they committed, stayed focused and worked their asses off towards the goal.

Did you do that? Or did you become content, mediocre, and just skate by. If you did and enjoy it, good for you, but if you are asking how do I get my dream job, you have to be willing to lay it on the line, become friends with your fear and push through when no one else believes. It is a very simple concept, but not easy. Admit it, you let your fear get in the way, because fear of the unknown if much scarier than comfort in the present. (remember great things don’t come from comfort zones)

So start your podcast, build your site, create your tribe…. Because what you do for work, is not who you are, create you, and create your dream job.


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