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1% is a good goal.

In these super trying times it is sometimes very difficult to move forward; In fact it is way easier to go backwards and see the worst in everything,

But we don’t need to buy into the all the hype that the world is ending.

The world needs people who are continuing to move forward, that can see the light at the end of the tunnel, to believe in themselves and others. We need growth, not global growth, but individual growth. Small incremental changes that when compounded can lead to massive action.

Imagine if you turned off the TV for 1% more time, or stayed off social media 1% more, or loved your family 1% more, or worked out 1% more or helped your co-worker/friend/family/clients or local business by 1%. We could easily have a mindset/belief shift, that create hope for ourselves and those around us.

Be 1% better….


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