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Are You Among the Foolish? (average)

Do you follow the masses or are you on your own path? If you follow everyone else, you will be just like everyone else; those statistics are scary: 1.    The average American is overweight  2. Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day;2 only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week 3.    The average American thinks the government's number-one priority should be to help keep and create jobs in America 

4.    The average American watches 2 hours and 49 minutes of television a day. 5.    The average American is Divorced 6.    The average American hasn't finished college I don’t know about you, but looking at what everyone else does is frightening . In the US we have accepted mediocrity, laziness, and sub par performances as normal; this needs to change. Everyone says that they want to be rich, beautiful, healthy, and happy but are not willing to work for it!  We have developed a world of instant gratification and laziness and that isn't working. On average our kids will live 5 years less than us, be more broke, and won’t be able to live up to the standard of living they are used to unless we change what average is.  To be better than average we need to work hard, be focused, get off the couch and be role models for the next generation.   Let’s get the world to see beyond average!

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1 Comment

Jun 17, 2019

Love it! I've been amazed all my adult life how most people are like lemmings, indiscriminately following others in terms of what is acceptable, rather than thinking for themselves and challenging conventional wisdom. We've all exhibited victim-like behaviors in our lives, yet if we don't accept ownership and accountability for our behavior, actions and performance, we will never achieve our full potential.

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