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Covid-19 (lbs)

We have all heard of the Freshman 15, now we have the Covid 19!

Now that we have been in our house for the last 2+ weeks, many of us can’t get to the gym or follow our typical exercise programs. And things are starting to change. Not just our sanity, but our waist lines. It is easier to open a bottle of wine or drink a craft IPA than to be active, this will have a bigger effect in the long term on our health than the actual virus.

Being active during these times is more important than ever. Most of us are walking from our home offices to our refrigerator, rather than to our co workers offices, cubes, or outside. During this time of quarantining, our physical and mental health will be much better if try to stay as active as possible. It will allow us to think clearer, feel better, and be in a better state. Motion creates emotion, make sure you are moving! For your mental health as well as those around you.


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