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Episode #13-Summer Anderson-ZRG Partners-Tech Market Overview-Mindset Shift

For more than 20 years, Summer Anderson has been spearheading executive searches around the globe. She has a proven track record of guiding executive-level leaders to immediate clarity, simplifying complex organizational matters, and building exceptional executive teams. She is a trusted advisor to senior executive clients and candidates within Fortune 500 security, technology, and fast growth companies. Summer is known for her solid network of long-standing relationships and as a catalyst for mindset shifts in corporate leaders which create cultural health and bottom-line growth.

Summer's focus encompasses most aspects of the technology industry, including Cloud- and SaaS-based solutions, hardware, security, digital transformation, AI, and IoT platforms. Her deep experience in this space includes the assessment and placement of C-Suite executives and Board members within the above verticals.

In this episode we will be discussing:

1)  Her book- Start Within.

2) Leading through adversity and uncertainty begins within each leader.

3) Mindset  shift:  Clarity of mind is the beginning of innovation especially in adversity

4) Trust is built when we overcome a shared challenge.  How to build trust right now with your teams

5) Better outcomes are a result of clarity, necessity, trust and courage.

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