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Episode #26- Julie Visser-ZRG Partners-Executive Career Coaching

Julie is the Head of Executive Coaching for The Toft Group, a ZRG Company and has a passion for coaching and recruiting candidates into top roles. Her expertise in talent acquisition and global executive placement has resulted in countless job opportunities for senior level candidates seeking advancement or making a transition in their careers.

Prior to joining The Toft Group, Julie enjoyed a 20-year professional career leading and partnering with US companies internal worldwide human resource efforts, including Life Technologies, Thermo Fisher and NuVasive. She understands what companies are seeking when interviewing for top talent and utilizes this knowledge when guiding clients through the job search process.

Furthermore, Julie is the Founder and President of JA Talent Partners, a company focused on advancing women in the workplace and launching careers for recent college graduates. She is the author of two workbooks, Reviving Careers and Launching Careers, which are step-by-step guides on how to create a successful job search plan.

What we discuss:

1. Executives in transition

2. What are the important components of a coaching program for executives?

3. What are the important components of a job search plan?

  • Identifying Your Story

  • Sharing Your Story

  • Creating Your Story

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