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Episode #3- Matt Phillips- Mental Toughness Guru

This weeks guest is Matt Philips he is a former professional athlete and business professional with extensive experience in Operations, Accounting, and Finance, having worked and consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Europe during his 15+ year corporate career now consults corporations on how to build high performance teams to crush their financial and strategic goals. The way he does it.. He has eveloped a unique business model, a 5-step process called 'Ignite Your Mindset', a Mental Toughness and Leadership Development program that will completely change the game for you, your company and team....helping form powerful habits to unlock their potential, realize what is possible, and drive forward towards RESULTS

For the first interview of The Ultimate Hire podcast during these crazy times, I figured who would be better to have on than a mental toughness guru.

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