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Passion Project- Executive Athletes

Many of you know that I believe we should also have a passion project outside of our day to day work lives; It is something that keeps you refreshed, focused and alive. For me my main passion is training, racing and being an athlete. I also love to create communities around that as well.

I believe that if you are healthy, fit and competitive that you are able to perform significantly better in your professional life, that is why I created Executive Athletes. It is platform that started on Linked In and has expanded to Facebook, Twitter @executiveathlet . The focus of the community is to discuss topics around optimal human performance in the workplace, in the arena or on the race course.

Yesterday I just launched my first podcast which you can find at or Itunes at

I will be publishing weekly podcasts from thought leaders around the globe with a focus on obtaining optimal human performance in the workplace as well physically and mentally, so please check it out, be sure to subscribe.

Keep up the good work and live your passion!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me at

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