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Most people don’t, be among the few that do, you will separate yourself from the pack!

We live in a world of reaction vs vision.  Taking 5-10-20 min a day to think about a task, problem, or goal, will allow you to reach the end result much quicker than just reacting.  That is what separates the leaders the from the followers, the Leaders “Think”, the followers “React”  be a thinker and you will be among the few who do vs. those that don’t.  


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Scott Woodard
Scott Woodard
May 12, 2021

Ken, This is solemn advice for anyone who wants to consider themselves as leaders. Leaders inspire others with visions of possibilities. Thus, leaders are strategic assets to their teams and organizations. Reactors are tactical practitioners. They are commodities. That is, they are replaceable. Anyone can react to situations; and sooner or later, there will be someone younger, faster, and cheaper who can do the work.

The takeaway: Be a leader. Take time to think, rather than react. Shape the vision for your team. Be a strategic asset.

Thanks, Scott Woodard

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