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This Is What You've Been Looking For- Q1-Q2 Searches

Bonus season is upon us- You have been waiting for this week all year and the checks are showing up in your account. It is also time to re evaluate and see if your check can be bigger next year!! As potential candidates, you are in the drivers seat. The great resignation is real and you can make more $$$$ than ever. Are you willing to take the next step and get out of your comfort zone to get to the next level? I am working on a number of searches that can you help you do that.

Below are the list of searches that we have ben retained to fill- if you think you could be a fit or know anyone that could be, feel free to reach out to me at

  1. CEO- To Build a De Novo Start up in the small and middle ticket equipment finance and leasing space for one of the largest Global Investment Funds-If you ever wanted to build your own business, this is your chance

  2. Chief Revenue Officer- for a major arbitration and mediation player- they are looking for someone who can be a catalyst for growth and help take the company to the next level - amazing equity play

  3. President-New subsidiary of a leading fintech. If you are CMO or Marketing leader that wants to build and run your own business, this is your chance to step into the lead role. My client is looking for someone with extensive experience as a lead gen aggregator- One of the coolest business I have seen in a while, with a team that is open to new ideas and developing into one of the leaders in the market.

  4. CFO- for one the strongest independent leasing companies in the US- The CFO will be a integral part of the executive team and will need to have the foresight and strategic ability to help take the company to next level

  5. Enterprise Sales- Private Equity Owned tech player that is looking for key rainmakers to call on Fortune 1000 companies to sell an AI Based SaaS solution. Must have experience making $500k+ and know how to close large enterprise deals.

  6. VP of Sales- Diversified Equipment- Private Equity owned independent equipment finance company is looking for a strong sales leader to go after diversified equipment vendors. Must be able to lead a sales team as well as role up their sleeves.

  7. Business Development (multiple)-Equipment Finance- (direct and vendor) A top tier storied credit player in the market. “There is no such thing as a bad credit, just a bad structure”. If you are an expert in doing storied credits or are missing the boat on deals your company won’t do, this is the place for you.

  8. A top tier Bank Owned Equipment Finance company is looking for a number of key hires- 1. BD Municipal Finance, 2. BD Clean Tech/Renewable, 3. Clean Tech Sr. Underwriter 4. BD- 3rd Party Originations, they have become one of the strongest

The time is now to make a change going into 2022

If you have any questions and would like to chat, email me at

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